Aug 2013: Blakers Family Reunited

A descendant of the man who gave us the park organised a meeting for all members of the Blaker family. According to The Argus, former Canadian politician, Rod Blaker wanted all people who think they are part of the clan to meet in Pevensey on 5th October.


Photo from The Argus online 9/8/13

If you may be one of these relatives, no matter how distant, or if you know anybody who is, email

Rod has also set up a genealogy website for the Blaker family.



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  • Hello, I am researching the history of Chesham Street in Kemp Town, Brighton, and find that among the developers (1878) was John George Blaker, described as a ‘builder’ and who had an option to the purchase of the land on which the street and neighbouring Eaton Place were to be built. Ultimately, John G Blaker didn’t purchase the land himself, but arranged for it to be sold to Brighton builder John Fellingham. From this time on, John G Blaker quickly began to acquire land and be involved in large property development projects. What I am intrigued to know, is where did John G Blaker obtain the funds to begin his property development career (his family weren’t that well off, it seems); and where was he educated (was in in Brighton or near Folkestone) and to what level, as he seems to have been someone who worked well with solicitors, architects, investors and builders from an early age, and clearly had skills to plan ahead and build a fortune and a successful career in politics and public life.

    By Dr Chris Hewitson (17/01/2014)
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