Benches in Blakers Park

Memorial benches
Past & Present book.

This bench at the top of the park is still the most popular spot! There are  fifteen benches in the Park most are dedicated to loved ones and have placed in the Park by the Council (dedication of new benches has been paused)

From the top going clockwise Blakers benches are dedicated to:

Joan and Ted Cooper

Ethel Page  1901-1989          Mark Searle 1961-2017

Patt Roberts 1953-2015

Joan Stephens 1921-2013 & Frank Lintern 1919-2013

Leslie Ray 1943-2014

Robert Edwin ‘Joe’ Andrews 1947-2013

Friends of Blakers Park 2009

Jennifer Jane Cross 1958-2012

Ralph Spence 1925- 2008

Philip Smith 1928-2017

Nico 1994- 2022

Pete Betts 1950-2012

Fred & Olive Gearing


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