Famous for 15 minutes

Tuesday 15th November 2011 2pm



Our park has been chosen by the Council to host the press event announcing its new website which publicises all of the city’s parks. And it is asking for everyone who likes Blakers to come along to be in the photo shoot. We have no idea which media will be there but if you want to share in Blakers Park’s 15 minutes of fame, come to the Clock Tower at 2pm on Tuesday 15th November. It could be a good idea to wear bright colours, just in case it is a grey day – then the photograph will look as lively as we know the park really can be.
From the Friends’ point of view, the more who come along, the better. It would be a good demonstration to the Council how well-loved the park is and how much the community needs it to be maintained and improved.
Incidentally, Blakers Park starred in the website of the national newspaper on Friday 11th November. For some reason unknown to us, it decided to publicise our community hedge planting session. Apart from this unexpected publicity, it is interesting to see that it took two writers to write the Mirror’s story.