Filming in Blakers Park

Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October 2011

It's a wrap!

The Council begins filiming in Blakers Park this week so if you are in the area make sure your costume and make-up are just perfect because there won’t be any re-takes.

The City Council is making short introductory films abut all of its parks and this one is, curiously, being made by someone attached to Cityclean – so don’t get caught on camera dropping litter. Put it in the bin.

When the video is completed it will be viewable on a new website being set up by CityParks. We’ll post a link to it as soon as possible. 3D glasses will not be needed.

The main idea of the video is to encourage people who may not have visited Blakers Park to do so. The Friends have been invited to participate so we’ll be rehearsing our lines and getting our teeth fixed.