The Big Dig!

11 am – 2 pm Saturday 3rd September 2011

The flower beds of Blakers are created by volunteers

On Saturday 3rd September, from 11am- 2pm, Blakers Park will be the venue for a great family event, known modestly as The Big Dig!

This is when those two weed-covered flower beds, around the Clock Tower and north of the toilets, will get turned into something beautiful – with your help.

Our park ranger, Emma Keane, will be showing everyone how to dig out the roots that are stopping us from planting the beds with flowers.

Everyone is welcome to come along and lend a hand, whether it’s for 15 minutes or for the whole, gregarious three hours.

All you need is lots of enthusiasm and suitable footwear – gloves and tools will be provided.

Children are welcome when they bring an adult with them – any old adult will do.

Hope to see you at the Big Dig!